As a community of practice, we have the opportunity and even the responsibility to provide input during comment periods for federal and state agencies rule making prior to becoming entrenched in agency policy and application tools. One of these opportunities is currently open in the Federal Register for the US Army Corps of Engineers. The Army has broad responsibility and authority to build, maintain, enhance, and manage flood protection and reservoir projects across the country. The Army has been using a form of benefits exceeding costs test since the introduction of their first projects in the early 1900’s. The 2020 Water Resources Development Act instigated a re-evaluation of what is included in the army’s efficiency analysis and references many of the issues addressed at the last several SBCA conferences. Social and environmental costs are being discussed and how these and other concept can and should be quantified, qualified, and considered in alternatives analysis and final funding processes. This (SBCA) community of practice’s expertise on these topics, as well as the technical mechanics of BCA, valuation methods, and social welfare optimization make each of you a valuable contributor for the army as they collect comments and information to help them formulate practices and rules. Please consider reviewing the current solicitation for comments to ensure, those that know and do, are providing input, and that as a community we are helping guide the framework of the ecosystem within which many, with less experience and training, will be asked to participate on the project level.

Comments must be received on or before April 15, 2024Learn more>> or contact Duane.