12th Annual Conference & Meeting           March 16 - 17, 2020 - Washington, DC

On March 16-17 in Washington, DC, SBCA will host its 2020 Annual Conference. At the core of the experience is a deep selection of educational sessions that allow you to explore the application of benefit-cost analysis across a variety of settings.

SBCA greatly appreciates the work of Susan Dudley, Director, The George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center and Distinguished Professor of Practice, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration for sponsoring the Society’s use of the space.

SBCA 2020 Conference Agenda Now Available Here

Conference registration is now open. Register here.

SBCA Keynote Speaker for 2020 Annual Conference

Binyamin Appelbaum, author of the best-selling book, The Economists’ Hour; False Prophets, Free Markets, and the Fracture of Society, will be the Keynote speaker at the SBCA’s 2020 Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

Appelbaum is the lead writer on business and economics for the Editorial Board of The New York Times.

2019 Conference Agenda & Abstracts

If you would like to view the Abstracts, Agenda, & Video that are from the 2019 Annual Conference & Meeting, they can be found here, and on the Conference page under the 2019 Conference Agenda & Abstract page!

The Society would like to thank everyone involved in helping make the 2019 SBCA Annual Conference a success! The SBCA has uploaded photos from this years Conference onto the SBCA Facebook page.

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On Balance: C-Bridge: making CGE compatible with CBA

How much impact is your economic appraisal leaving out?” This is the perennial question that CBA practitioners face when putting forward their results of, normally, a poorly performing project. In investment appraisal, my area of work, the question is often decisive. I presume the same applies to CBA practice in policy appraisal.

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