Successful Sessions at Fall Conferences

January 17, 2017

Southern Economic Association (SEA) Annual Meeting:

SBCA organized a panel at the Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting on Monday, November 21, which was chaired by Tim Brennan (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) on “Policy Analysis for Uncertain Events” with remarks from:

  • Jim Scouras (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab) on “Nuclear War as a Global Catastrophic Risk”
  • Ali Gungor (U.S. Coast Guard) on “How to Regulate for ‘Black Swan’ Events? Capturing the Highly Unlikely in a Regulatory Context”
  • Susan Dudley (The George Washington University) on “Dynamic Benefit-Cost Analyses for Uncertain Futures”
  • Jonathan Wiener (Duke University) on "The Tragedy of the Uncommons: On the Politics of Apocalypse"

The discussant was Joe Cordes (The George Washington University).

The photo above shows SBCA leaders, from left to right: JBCA Editor Glenn Blomquist and SBCA Assistant Treasurer Ali Gungor.


Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Annual Meeting:

SBCA and the Economics and Benefits Analysis Specialty Group of the SRA co-sponsored six panels at the Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting, including two symposia on environmental issues and benefit-cost analysis; a symposium on burdens from risk; a roundtable on post-election prospects and challenges for risk policy; a session on revolutions in benefits analysis and a session on the economics of health. Please find the full list of sessions below and a link to the webinar here.

The photo above shows SBCA member James K. Hammitt.


Western Economic Association International (WEAI) Conference:

The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis was a participating allied society of the Western Economic Association International

SBCA co-sponsored two panels this year at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile in Santiago. Panelists included several SBCA members from the US and Chile; the sessions were attended by scholars from Canada, Spain, Columbia, Chile, and other Latin American countries. 

  • January 3, 4:45 p.m.: Benefit-Cost Analysis of Environmental Programs and Policies
  • January 4, 12:45 p.m.: Economic Evaluation of Air Pollution Control

Thank you to all who participated by presenting, organizing sessions, visiting our exhibit tables or attending sessions!