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Editors and Current Editorial Board


Editor-in-Chief: Thomas J. Kniesner (Claremont Graduate University)
Associate Editor: Henrik Andersson (Toulouse School of Economics)
Associate Editor: Amanda Ross (University of Alabama)
Managing Editor: Paul Peretz (Claremont Graduate University)
Assistant to the Managing Editor: Chelsea Lucktenberg (Claremont Graduate University)

SBCA gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the outgoing journal editorial team made up of editors Glenn C. Blomquist and William H. Hoyt and Managing Editor Mary Kokoski.   Additionally they could not have produced the journal without the support of the Editorial Board members, authors, reviewers, and especially the MacArthur Foundation. 

Editorial Board

  • Timothy Bartik (Upjohn Institute)
  • Trudy Cameron (University of Oregon)
  • Mark Cohen (Vanderbilt University and Resources for the Future)
  • Joseph Cordes (George Washington University)
  • Maureen Cropper (University of Maryland)
  • Mark Dickie (University of Central Florida)
  • Scott Farrow (UMBC)
  • Art Fraas (Resources for the Future)
  • John Graham (Indiana University)
  • Robert Hahn (University of Manchester and University of Oxford)
  • James Hammitt (Harvard Center for Risk Analysis)
  • Arnold Harberger (UCLA)
  • Robert Haveman (University of Wisconsin)
  • Glenn Jenkins (Queen's University and Eastern Mediterranean University)
  • Lynn Karoly (RAND)
  • Donald Kenkel (Cornell University)
  • Margaret Kuklinski (University of Washington)
  • Eric Posner (University of Chicago)
  • Richard Revesz (New York University)
  • Lisa Robinson (Harvard University Center for Health Decision Science and Center for Risk Analysis)
  • David Salkever (UMBC)
  • W. Kip Viscusi (Vanderbilt University)
  • David Weimer (University of Wisconsin)
  • Richard Zeckhauser (Harvard University)
  • Richard Zerbe (University of Washington)